Let the journey begin

You don’t have to dig too deeply to find out that high-end audio is a controversial and divisive field among consumers and enthusiasts. I find that many heated discussions are driven by the participants’ lack of knowledge. The knowledge is out there. There are many knowledgeable professionals working in the field, but they are removed from the public.

Marketing departments meticulously control the company’s message. Most audio companies are not interested in educating their customers. They would rather play it safe, so as not to offend anyone’s closely held beliefs—whatever helps close the deal. Furthermore, the way most audio journalists/reviewers work is also not helping this situation. Because many audio publications are supported by the same companies, they feel obliged to perpetuate their clients’ marketing messages.

At Serene Audio, we would rather challenge our customers and ourselves. That is the only way to learn, make progress, and move forward. Any company that claims to have found the ultimate truth in perfect sound reproduction and to have created the ultimate product is not sincere and is doomed to stay stagnant. We don’t claim to have done either of those, and we strive to gradually improve our knowledge and our products. In fact, the speakers that we make today are better than the speakers we made a year ago, and we will keep improving them.

We don’t hold any beliefs that we regard as the ultimate truth. The only belief that we hold dear is that advancement comes from evidence-based knowledge, so we are open to changing our mind when faced with new knowledge. If the new findings go against our currently held beliefs, then we will learn and adapt. This blog is where we share our knowledge and thoughts as we learn. If you are one of us, we would love for you to join us on this journey by following our blog and participating in the comments.

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