Why not in stores?

What does it have to do with shoes?! you ask. Well, read on.

Initially we planned to distribute the speakers through retail stores. However, retail stores expect a 40% percent margin. It is not that retailers are evil, they have bills to pay too. But, we felt adding 40% to the retail price doesn't help us in providing the best value to our customers. It also doesn't make us any more competitive in the market of chinese made speakers. We wanted to make kick-ass speakers, but sell them at an affordable price.

However, making great speakers IS expensive. Premium components and fine craftsmanship come at a premium price. For example, there is no way of manufacturing a driver as good as our drivers at a lower price, because you'll need the strong and heavy magnet to achieve a low level of distortion. In order to pay those premiums, we decided to sell direct and spend the money that would go to retailers' pockets on making better speakers. So we placed our bets on the internet.

There lays a challenge though. When it comes to speakers, retailers seem to provide value; what better way to evaluate speakers than hearing them? That is something you'll miss when you buy speakers online. On the other hand, you can argue the same thing for shoes, and online shoe sales have been a massive success. Come to think of it, The last 5 or 6 pairs that I've bought all have been bought online. The first one or two orders were a bit nerve-racking, but then I got used to it, and I've been happy with every pair.

There is something more than pure luck in play here. It comes from the ability of the online seller to provide adequate information to their customers prior to them making a purchase, so that the product matches or surpasses customer's expectations. When it comes to shoes, it's about high quality photos, accurate description of materials, and accurate description of size in various units.

When it comes to speakers, we believe it is providing accurate and controlled measurements. That's why you see measurements of our speakers and our competitors in our website. At first, we felt uncertain about doing this. We didn't want to come across like scamy salesman who unfairly trash a competitor's product. So we decided to be as open and as fair as possible in our measurements. In doing so, we show where our speakers stand in the competitive landscape, and do our best for our customers who are putting their faith in us by ordering online without hearing their speakers first.

I'm going to argue buying speakers online is even better than buying them in the store.... 1. not as convinient 2. Not the optimal environment 3. Staff not as knowledgeable


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